About Us

Since 2011, our company opened its doors for business when we opened our first regional processing center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our business grew rapidly as we rolled out a more customer focused service model to the industry.  We quickly opened our second regional processing center in 2012 in Dalton, GA. Our service model continued to be warmly received by our customers, leading us to open our third regional processing center in Manila, AR towards the end of 2012. Then in 2014 we expanded once again, opening our fourth regional processing center in the Carolinas.


Through our proprietary service model we offer a recyclable oil absorbent solution to customers that allows them to “GO GREEN” while also reducing the overall cost of using absorbents to manage oil issues. All the oil extracted from our absorbents is recycled through a true closed loop re-use recycling program, our entire recycling process is environmentally friendly.


Our personal faith encourages us, our vision drives our passion to serve others, and our commitment to each other and our team drives us. We recognize as a company how blessed we all are here at the company, we want to return those blessings by approaching all aspects of our business with integrity and honor, by always doing things above reproach.

Our Process is Simple and Transparent