Company History

Since 2011 we set out as a company to reinvent the recyclable oil absorbent business.   The company was birthed out of the nonwovens business.  In analyzing this market we were often left asking more questions about what and why others were doing what they were doing.

We decided then and there that we would be more customer focused bringing our service level closer to the customer’s door by locating our regional processing centers closer to the customer, versus having a single facility not strategically located and running trucks for hours/days to reach customer locations.

Since implementing our customer centric approach our company has exploded, we have gone from a single regional process facility to having 4 regional processing centers serving customers in 15 states. Customers have responded receptively to our “local approach” to customer service.   Our greatest source of new business has come from our existing customers for which we are greatly appreciative!


Our Process is Simple and Transparent